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Want to know a bit about me before you book?

I am a proud member of the Magic Circle and have been so since 2002. My home town magic club is The Surrey Society of Magicians, based at the Nomad Theatre in East Horsley.

I am also a member of Equity and an Actor.   

I hold a full public liability insurance of up to £10,000,000

But who is Steve McShane? Well, where do I start?  I grew up in Merseyside (Birkenhead/Liverpool) & left home at age 18 to work in studio operations for BBC television Centre in London.I worked on a wide range of television programmes that included Top of the Pops,The Young Ones,Only Fools and Horses and many more. However,being from “Up North” and very young I was a bit of a fish out of water. 

I met my wonderful soulmate Pat in 1989 .We spent 23 years together,living on a houseboat in Surrey until I lost her to cancer in 2012.  Pat, was my inspiration and  helped decide which passion I started with to make a career.  So I started with music.

I have always had a passion for magic ever since my Grandad pulled a coin from my ear or showed me a new ‘miracle’ with a pack of cards.

I am also a keen astronomer and have a large telescope. I often like to star gaze and open my mind to the wonders of the universe.  I happily give star gazing lectures and am happy to teach anyone about the wonders of the sky.  There really is nothing like looking at a star with the naked eye and knowing that that photon of light that just hit your retina, travelled millions of light years to reach you… and its journey stopped at the back of your eye!

My love of music started at a very young age, I would lie in bed and listen to my father playing his surreal music (for a 3 year old) like The Beatles and Pink Floyd and almost see the music in swirling colours above my bed.  When I was 16 I learnt to play the guitar and have never looked back. I enjoy regularly rocking out with my Duo Partner Owain Williams in our Band ‘’Magic Bus’ at pubs, parties and weddings.  You can see where the gig list for the Magic Bus on our website  (http://www.catchthebus.co.uk/)  .  Come and catch the bus and make sure to wear your dancing shoes! You’ll catch me singing, playing guitar, bass, harmonica and occasional tambourine 😉